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What I learned during my 2nd year in Miami

Today marked my 2 year anniversary in Miami. This last year has been quite an emotional ride where I’ve doubted and questioned almost all the choices I’ve made since my move from LA.

1 year anniversary

(Versión en español abajo) One year ago I packed my bags, shipped my car and flew cross country with a one-way ticket to chase my dreams.

Week in LA

A couple of months ago I started my vacation by heading out to LA to spend some time with friends and family before we headed off to Mexico to continue our vacation.

Daddy Yankee proves he’s still got it

(Version en español abajo) On Saturday night, I made my way to the Staples Center to enjoy the much awaited Daddy Yankee concert which was part of his King Daddy Tour. The concert besides Daddy...

A day at the Getty Center

After years of not visiting the Getty Center here in Los Angeles, I decided to pay it another visit a couple of weeks ago. The Getty Center is a museum that houses European paintings, drawings,...

White palm trees

If you’re an avid social media user  or follow a lot of bloggers, you’ve most likely seen many of them making photo shoots or taking pictures of a white building and/or white palm trees,...

Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference ’15 recap

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference which this year celebrated its 5th anniversary and was held at The Reef LA (in downtown LA). The event kicked off...