Cafecito con Becky – 1/9/17

Hola, hola!!! Welcome to a new year and the first Cafecito con Becky post of this year! Hope you all had a Great Christmas and a happy New Year. I was in LA and decided to take some of that time off by not posting on here and simply enjoying the moments with friends and family which is why even though this is technically the second week of the month, this is only the first post of the year. Read more about Cafecito con Becky – 1/9/17

Age is just a number – Birthday Reflection

I started off writing this post a few weeks ago because I knew I’d be out of town for my birthday and on vacation and probably wouldn’t have the time to write it later. I had also intended to do a special photo shoot specific for this post and I had even told my friend Ana Cristina to help me with it. We had planned a photo shoot at the beach and planned it for early December. Well, things don’t always go as planned. Unfortunately, we were both very busy and between that and some rainy days, we just didn’t get a chance to do it. I later left to LA with no idea how I was gonna finish this post because again, no time to even think about it much.  Read more about Age is just a number – Birthday Reflection

Evening makeup look for the Holidays

-Please note that even though I am mentioning Clinique as well as their products and linking them here, this is NOT a sponsored post nor was it done in exchange for the makeover. I really liked my look and got many compliments which is why I decided to share it with you.-

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity of having my makeup done by two different brands with two different looks. Not only were they different from what I usually wear (which is what we were going for), but they were both different in themselves. One was more appropriate for the day time and the other for the nighttime which is why I decided to post them on the blog as two different looks you can rock this Holiday Season. Here is the look done by Clinique which I would say is more of an evening or nighttime look. Read more about Evening makeup look for the Holidays

Nighttime skincare routine (updated)

I recently shared my updated nighttime skincare routine on Snapchat and decided I should share it here too in case you didn’t watch it. Please note that some of these products have been gifted to me by the brands but I am only recommending them because I actually use them and really like them. Let’s get started! Read more about Nighttime skincare routine (updated)

Moisturizing your skin with Aveeno’s Yogurt Body Wash & Lotion

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Aveeno and #WeAllGrow Latina Network.

Summer has come and gone, and we’re officially in the Fall season and with that comes cooler weather. Now, living in Miami doesn’t give me the full effect and feel of Fall, but the temperature does go down a bit as well as the humidity. Because the heat during the Summer in Miami is brutal, it can dry out your skin which is why the Fall is the perfect time to start quenching your skin again. Read more about Moisturizing your skin with Aveeno’s Yogurt Body Wash & Lotion