Losing your best friends


Becky is a social media strategist, a key influencer in the Latin Music Industry, as well as a bilingual content creator who along with her blog, Becky Boricua, has been featured on the sites of Latina Magazine, Glamour Magazine and Vera Wang just to name a few. She has also covered several high profile events such as the Latin GRAMMYs, Premio Lo Nuestro, and the Latin American Music Awards. Becky also currently works with Latin Urban Artist Yandel as part of his social media promotions team and has been working with him since his duo days with Wisin. Becky is of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent and grew up in Los Angeles but currently resides in Miami where she offers Social Media Services as part of her business.

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2 Responses

  1. Girl, I have been there too. This just shows how big your heart is and how much love you have to offer. I am sure they miss you, but you know what? Everyone has a purpose in our lives and if they choose to leave then their time in your life is over. I’m sorry you didn’t have any closure with both friendships but know that you’ve set a great example on what being a great friend entails. ✨✨

  2. KARLA LUNA says:

    Its hard when you lost friends. I don’t know how my story it can be related to yours but just like you I had two “best friends” Once betrayed me and the other didn’t want to get in touch. When I started 7th grade it was at a new school. I was friends with all my classmates but specially to one. She was a good friend of other girl but once we started to hang out our friendship got stronger. People thought we were sisters because we used to go every where together. The only house our parents would let us have sleep overs it was at each others. We both end up going to different high schools but that did not stopped our friendship. At my Junior year of high school I date a guy she knew how I felt about him but for some reason she started to make up stories about him and him about her. Just months after we finished high school we stop having contact. Years pasted. One time through Facebook we got in touch. I found out she moved to another stated I told her that I got married she told me why she left NY. It was a good to catch up. Time pass again until she called me for my birthday and we talked. I told her when ever comes to visit her mother in NY we could have lunch. We did with her family and my. It was good but for I know our friendship it can’t be the same.
    With a friend that I did go to high school with we keep in touch until our second year of college. We went to different college but hang out once in a while. I lost her number and later I found out she moved to Florida. We did talk but not often. I have called her or text her but she doesn’t reply. After trying to keep in touch I gave up. It really hurt me that she didn’t want to keep in touch. I keep telling my self, They lost more than me. God will give me true friends that will be there for me no matter what, and it he has.

    It’s hard when you stop being friends with people who became family to you. Just give it time. Give your self the satisfaction that you tried to keep a friendship.


    take care.

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