Becky is a social media strategist, a key influencer in the Latin Music Industry, as well as a bilingual content creator who along with her blog, Becky Boricua, has been featured on the sites of Latina Magazine, Glamour Magazine and Vera Wang just to name a few. She has also covered several high profile events such as the Latin GRAMMYs, Premio Lo Nuestro, and the Latin American Music Awards. Becky also currently works with Latin Urban Artist Yandel as part of his social media promotions team and has been working with him since his duo days with Wisin. Becky is of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent and grew up in Los Angeles but currently resides in Miami where she offers Social Media Services as part of her business.

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9 Responses

  1. Marian says:

    Great post beautiful! Yes a compliment is very impactful

  2. Sandra Gomez says:

    Rebecca, me gusto tanto que lo compartiré!

  3. Reina Atayde says:

    Totally agree , being positive towards a fellow mujer means you are secure within yourself. I personally will ask you were you bought, got it done, ect. Who knows , you might inspire others to be inspiring as well . And have a better attitude.

  4. Alicia Gibbs says:

    I have noticed this more in the blog world. If a blogger feel intimidated by your success or the things you’re doing they won’t compliment or congratulate you. I hate this word but in all honesty it’s pure “hating” my favorite quote is they want to see you do good just not better than them. Sad but true.

  5. I love this post. I always say, “I love being happy. I love being happy for you and I love being happy for me.” I am sharing this in hopes that more women will compliment each other. We need to lift each other up. My compliment to you, Thank you for your beautiful post.

  6. I completely agree with you! I am working on a post about the #iLookLikeAnEngineer movement and about Latinas in engineering specifically. all through college and in the professional world I have encountered this more and more. It makes me really sad at times and I have gone home crying. I am a genuinely nice person so I compliment people all the time. It’s just sad that women aren’t always empowering other women, especially us Latinas. Great post! Let’s start the movement to empower and uplift each other!

  7. Exactly…no more knocking each other down. More empowering!

  8. Joan M. Cora says:

    Trueeeee!!!! I’m going to share this!!

  9. Yes! I’d rather share good things than be negative!

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