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Age is just a number – Birthday Reflection

I started off writing this post a few weeks ago because I knew I’d be out of town for my birthday and on vacation and probably wouldn’t have the time to write it later....

Cafecito con Becky – 12/5/16

Welcome to another week’s edition of Cafecito con Becky! The weeks are just flying by and I can’t believe we’re already in December and Christmas is just 20 days away!

1 year anniversary

(Versión en español abajo) One year ago I packed my bags, shipped my car and flew cross country with a one-way ticket to chase my dreams.

Losing your best friends

Knowing when to let go of friendships or whether to keep holding on is one of the hardest things in life. Truth is that once you’ve started asking yourself that question, it’s a sign...

Locker room banter

Two topics that I steer away from discussing publicly are politics and religion. Reason being because it always ends in a discussion; a discussion I really don’t wish to be a part of, but...