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What I learned during my 2nd year in Miami

Today marked my 2 year anniversary in Miami. This last year has been quite an emotional ride where I’ve doubted and questioned almost all the choices I’ve made since my move from LA.

Real Beauty

One of the things I had heard about but never experienced until I moved to Miami was about the beauty standards they have here.

Reinventing yourself

Life is full of changes, some scarier than others, but they’re all for the better. Besides having to confront and go through changes, sometimes we also find ourselves in a need to reinvent ourselves.

Going forward

Yes, this post is a little late considering we’re three weeks into the new year but let’s be honest, not all of us start the new year full of energy and knowing what we...

Cafecito con Becky – 1/16/17

Hola, hola! Welcome to this week’s edition of Cafecito con Becky! Since my return from LA, things have been a little slow around Miami since it seems everyone is still trying to get back on...